Is your organization using BigBrassBand Git Integration for Jira?


Then you are lucky as your organization can plug Git commits into the SQL+JQL platform for ALM reporting & analytics!


With it, you will be able to relate Git commits to the rest of the Jira entities (projects, versions, components, boards, epics, sprints, etc) from any SQL+JQL quey.


With a single click and zero-configuration, our app will create a new schema named BBBGIT covering the BigBrassBand Git integration for Jira REST API in a straightforward way:

Thus, the new tables will run in the context of the calling user respecting Jira and BBB Git permissions for full privacy with no data leaks.

You can take advantage of all the power of the SQL+JQL suite. This brings unrivaled power and flexibility to make reports & analytics based on your Git commits.


In addition, your organization can:

  • Use the built-in SQL+JQL Console to write and run your own queries right within Jira

  • Use the built-in Pivot and Flat table gadgets to add results to Jira Dashboards and Confluence pages

  • Create your own JQL functions on the fly for native Jira native reporting using Git data.

  • Use validators and conditions based on Git data to control your workflows

  • Create Git-based custom fields to display and report them on the Issue Detail View

  • Use JDBC to make Git-Jira reports from third-party compatible tools

  • Create your full Git-Jira data view from the scratch with Eclipse BIRT

  • …and much more!


All the above is waiting for you in a totally painless process, without headaches nor frustrating configurations.


Discover why more than two thousand companies are using SQL+JQL for in their daily reporting & analytics basis… and now integrated with BBB Git.