• Fix: Update Issue Commits Group not working in Jira 9


  • Fix: Refresh commit dialog did not work in Jira 9


  • Fix: Compatibility with Jira 9.5.0 (H2 database)

9.4.3 (Security fix)

  • Some third-party Java libraries have been upgraded according to the Atlassian's security policy for Data Center.


  • Fix: NPE (Null Pointer Exception) when the commit username is null


  • Removed annoying warning in logs when issues are displayed on the issue tab panel

9.4.0 (Support for Jira 9)

  • Support for Jira 9
  • Dropped support for SQL+JQL Driver app.
  • Dropped support for changed issues' history as per it has been dropped from the Atlassian's public Java API.

Note about SQL+JQL with Subversion ALM integration discontinuation

Things are quickly chaining in the Atlassian ecosystem with discontinuing Jira Server announcement and Atlassian pushing their business to the Cloud. This has forced us to rethink our strategy and unfortunately dropping the integration between these apps.

In order to continue using SQL+JQL integration please downgrade to the latest compatible versions (SQL+JQL Driver 9.11.3 and Subversion ALM 9.3.4)

9.3.4 (Critical security fix)

  • It fixes a critical vulnerability in Jira affecting many apps. Please read CVE-2022-0540 for more information


  • PostgreSQL massive failure reading data- Please read the Troubleshooting page for a solution.


  • Improv: SvnKit library updated.


  • Improv: Extra validation at the server side to avoid anonymous access to the Subversion ALM's repository login URL to avoid brut task force logins. In other words, only authenticated Jira users with the View Development Tools permission (if configured) can log in Subversion repositories via the app.


  • Improv: Subversion Web Client requires that the user is logged in Jira (and to have View development tools permission if required).  


  • Fix: "Missing atl token" error when a file is updated.


  • Fix: the improvements in the previous 9.2.0 version did not work with Oracle. 

9.2.0 (Performance)

  • Fix: A reengineering has been made to resolve performance issues for large commits with thousands of changed items. This is related to the 9.1.5 version that improved performance but it did not resolve the problem in a definitive way.


  • Fix: Reverts experimental code released in previous version by mistake.


  • Fix: Minor security fix (CSRF)


  • Fix: Performance issue when a commit is too large with thousands of changed items.


  • Fix: Missing atl_token error avoids downloading files


  • Improv: Listing commits for projects is much faster now for large projects with a few commits.


  • Improv: performance reading data from the database has been a bit improved in some parts. SQL+JQL Driver users have to upgrade it to the 9.10.0 version. 


  • Fix: Drill down does not show any commit for Calendars and Users' activity
  • Fix: Multiline commit messages do not highlight related Jira issues

9.0.9 (Security fixes)

  • Some URLs were vulnerable to XSS. Please read the security bulletin for more information.

9.0.8 (Security fixes)

  • The atl_token is now required from a lot of locations to prevent CSRF attacks. Please read the security bulletin for more information.

9.0.7 (Security fixes)

  • More XSS and IDOR vulnerabilities have been found after a third-round of our internal research to improve the security of our apps.
  • FIX: Related issues to commits not displayed from the built-in web client for Subversion (formerly Polarion). Bug introduced in the previous 9.0.6 version.

9.0.6 (Security fixes)

  • We have found and fixed some XSS vulnerabilities after a second-round of our internal research to improve the security of our apps.
  • CHANGE: If cannot authenticate to Subversion please add this property to the JVM and restart Jira: -Dsvnkit.http.methods=Basic,Digest,Negotiate,NTLM

9.0.5 (Security fixes)

  • SECURITY: Some vulnerable URLs have been fixed to avoid potential XSS attacks from malicious Jira users. Read more...
  • FIX: If some repository causes an unexpected error during the app initialization process, it is aborted and the rest of the repositories ignored.


  • Fix: Escaped HTML text (bug introduced in the previous 9.0.2 version)


  • FIX: Non-Ascii characters are not properly displayed from the built-in web client for Subversion (formerly Polarion): document diff and viewer.


  • FIX: Some errors are not caught causing a poor error management feeling

  • FIX: Some customers have reported that commits on the Issue Tab are listed from older to newer. A new option allows them to reverse the order


  • IMPROV: SQL+JQL Driver is no longer required. Now, Subversion ALM works independently of the Driver. The Driver is still free for Subversion ALM customers by it must be installed manually (it is no longer packed within Subversion ALM and therefore it is not automatically installed along with it). Once installed, there is no impact. Nothing has changed except how the Driver is installed. We hope this helps organizations not wanting to use the Driver embracing Subversion ALM easily. The 9.3.0 version of the Driver must be manually installed if you want to use it integrated with Subversion ALM. Of course, the Driver can now safely removed from your Jira instance without impacting Subversion ALM that will continue working,


  • IMPROV: New form to reindex commit messages and refresh the issues related to a specific revision: (Read more)

  • FIX: SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 9.2.5 version to fix ISSUECOMPONENTS table.


  • SQl+JQL Driver upgraded to the 9.1.3 version fixing potential OutOfMemoryErrors from some locations (as Subversion ALM project tab) when there are a lot of issues.


  • SQl+JQL Driver upgraded to the new major version 9.0.0. Now, it is possible to make reports relating Zephyr test and defect issues with Subversion commits. Read more: Zephyr


  • Minor bug fixes displaying issues embedded in commit messages


  • FIX:  Some bugs fixed in regard to the management of the pool of repository connections. (NOTE: The pool is shared by the users while browsing with Polarion to accelerate read operations. The default size is 20 connections per repository):
    • Now the pool is destroyed after more than one hour (60 minutes) of inactivity closing all the connections to the server.
    • Now, disabling the app closes all the alive connections in the repository.
  • FIX: clicking on issue links from the built-in Subversion web client (formerly Polarion) opened the Issue Detail view into a nested iframe


  • Plus symbol (+) in item paths does not work from some URLs:
    • file diffs and revision graphs URLs from Issue and Project tab panels
    • commit diff URLs from Revision Graphs


  • FIX: Repositories are not indexed with Open JDK 9.x
  • FIX: Driver upgraded to 8,0,4 version


  • SvnKit upgraded to 1.10.1 version

8.8.2 (Security fixes)

  • A vulnerability affecting the app has been reported and immediately fixed. A malicious user could inject XSS code from some URLs. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version ASAP. Upgrading resolves the problem. Please read more from our Security Bulletin.
  • Fix: Comments are not displayed for directories.
  • IMPROV: Displaying issues embedded in commits has been enhanced. Now it is also possible to open them on new pages by using the (right-click) context menu.
  • NOTE: do not worry please about the new license policy (commercial) of the SQL+JQL Driver as it is free for all the Subversion ALM active customers. After upgrading to this Subversion ALM version, SQL+JQL Driver will be listed as "Unlicensed" in your Jira instance (UPM). Please ignore it. Do not generate any trial nor commercial license as it is not required for the SQL+JQL Driver to fully continue working with no restrictions. Leave the license field blank.


  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to the 8.0.3 version to help our Subversion ALM customers to understand better what it is happening and get a much clear vision of the SQL+JQL Driver's license status. We want to highlight again that the Driver is FREE at no cost for all our Subversion ALM customers in a perpetual way while Subversion ALM has a valid license.


  • SQL+JQL Driver app upgraded to 8.0.2 version (Commercial). It is free for all our Subversion ALM customers (no extra license required). Two amazing apps at the pricing of one only!. In this version, the BBBGt (BigBrassBand's Git integration for Jira) is supported so you can make reports mixing Git & Subversion commits. Other third-party app integrations are coming soon (like Zephyr, Tempo, etc) so you will be able to make reports Subversion commits related to tets, costs, etc. Stay tuned!


  • Fix: Initialization errors. It ensures that Subversion ALM is always initialized in the right sequence regardless of the order than Jira fires initialization events between plugins. We have observed issues that could be caused by an unexpected sequence of events between the Driver and Subversion ALM. This could not plug the SVN schema in the SQL+JQL data model causing: reporting issues and no commits from the project tab panel affecting to Subversion ALM when it (or the SQL+JQL Driver) is upgraded, enabled, etc.
  • Fix: Driver upgraded to the 7.17.2 version


  • Fix: wrong commit message under some configurations: when two o more repositories are hosted under the same domain then a commit message might correspond to the same revision number of another repository. This affected the built-in Subversion web client (formerly Polarion) while browsing on the repositories and it was caused by the Polarion's internal commit messages cache that has been fully removed because, furthermore this bug, it did not bring any significant benefit but complexity to the sources.
  • IMPROV: SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to the 7.17.0 version: it is not possible now that non-trusted users write their custom queries. In other words, only trusted users (granted to access the console) can write and save queries. The rest of the users (non-trusted) must use a saved query id from anywhere instead of writing their own queries (with the built-in sql function from the Issue Navigator and from the CSV data source). This breaks the backward compatibility since some non-trusted users' queries will stop to work and they require a trusted user to save them to get a valid query id. However, despite this drawback, the benefit is great as it brings a lot of peace of mind to Jira administrators.


  • Driver upgraded to the 7.4.12 version​. It resolves the two bugs below:
    • FIX: Deserialization error
    • FIX: SVN schema remains registered after the app is disabled


  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.14.2. ← *** if your organization is running the 7.14.2 version or above of the Driver, then  Subversion ALM 8.6.4 (THIS or any above version) is required because of the SQL parser has changed in the H2 1.4.200 version and some previous internal SQL+JQL queries combining the LIMIT and OFFSET commands failed (causing no commits available from the Jira's project tab) **** . In addition, the latest H2 version supports multithreading officially whereas it was an experimental feature in the 1.4.196 version causing Jira to hang under some circumstances. Hence, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to this version to make your Jira (the app) more reliable.


  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to the 7.13.2 version to avoid not closed connections when accessed remotely via JDBC.


  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.13.0 version. Now it is possible to restrict access to the SQ+JQL console and remote JDBC. Please upgrade ASAP and configure the new global permissions to grant access to SQL+JQL if required.


  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.11.4 version.


  • IMPROV: Support for disabling autocompletion for users' credentials (username & password) from forms similarly as described in the Atlassian's documentation. This affects the built-in Subversion web client authentication form and the configuration page for registering/editing repositories. Read more about the new Autocomplete option from the configuration documentation.
  • IMPROV: Repositories index progress has been re-engineered to inform about relevant errors only. Read more.
  • IMPROV: SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.9.2 version


  • IMPROV: SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.9.1 version


  • FIX: Comparing deleted file does not show the original content
  • FIX: Edit repository configuration missing (regression bug)


  • IMPROV: The Subversion connections to index the repositories are better managed now. Dropped support for the repository status concept (Active | Inactive)


  • FIX: Issue URLs are not recognized as issues related to commits. I.e: http://localhost:8080/jira/browse/DEMO-1



  • IMPROV: SvnKit upgraded to 1.9.3


  • FIX: Importing repositories' configuration form the older versions (6.x) does not work in Jira 8. due to a missing H2 Driver.
  • IMPROV: New policy for importing and web links. Now such features are hidden by default and some parameters (importLinks=true or webLinks=true) must be added to the URL to become visible again.


  • IMPROV: App initialization could take a long while. Now, the app is enabled almost immediately.
  • IMPROV: The main configuration page could take a while to load causing issues with proxies time outs. Now, it is loaded almost immediately and data about the registered Subversion repositories status loaded asynchronously when the page is loaded.
  • FIX: Removed  CREATE TABLE.... failed errors from the logs during the app initialization.


  • FIX: When a commit is refreshed and its comment re-parsed, the related issues were properly re-scanned. However, the original commit message was not updated causing confusion. This fix replaces the commit message everywhere keeping consistency between issues and commits.


  • FIX: Diffs from Commit graphs show Jira header nested twice


  • FIX: Missing peg revision number in URLs cause dialog error working with branches that do not exist in the HEAD. This affects to view differences from branches on commit graphs and other listings.


  • IMPROV: Suppor for re-parsing the commit messages to fix mistakes with related issues (Read more..)

  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.8.0 version: new reporting capabilities with the built-in Pivot Table. Example:

  • IMPROV: New diff and file viewer: lighter, faster and more powerful.
  • IMPROV: No limit for the password length in the Polarion log in form
  • IMPROV: Commits in projects sorted by created date descendant.
  • FIX: Missing commits related to project versions
  • FIX: Missing calendars under some circumstances
  • FIX: Missing revision graphs for files under some circumstances
  • IMPROV: packed SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to 7.6.6 version


  • Fix: multithread indexing can exceed the threshold for maximum threads causing error traces in the logs
  • Fix: Permission (View Developer Tools) configuration ignored from the Agile Boards.
  • Fix: Missing app icons in the UPM
  • Enhancement: Driver upgraded to 7.6.5


  • Revision graphs are independent of the built-in Polarion. Now developers working with different clients (ViewVC, etc) can build revision graphs.
  • Fix: revision graphs for file items did not show modified revisions
  • Fix: SQL+JQL upgraded to the 7.6.4 version due unexpected null pointer exception while the plugin is disabled causing an unrecoverable state


  • The SQL+JQL Driver (dependency packed within Subversion ALM)  has been upgraded to the 7.6.3 version to fix some upgrading issues that might affect to the SQL+JQL Driver status and make SQL+JQL based reports stop to work until the 7.6.3 version of the Driver is installed/upgraded. The 7.6.3 version of the SQL+JQL Driver ensures that the plugin can be recovered to a normal status if something unexpected happens during an upgrading task.


  • The SQL+JQL Driver packed within Subversion ALM has been upgraded to the 7.4.0 version as it supports new filters to search for work logs updated from a date which it is interesting for Subversion ALM users wanting to create reports based on the efforts required by the Subversion modifications. I.e: it is now possible to get the work logs for the last seven days, get their issues, get their commits and get their modified files in Subversion and summarize, count, etc by Jira and/or Subversion user and much more.


  • New table ITEMSWITHISSUES for reporting items (files and directories) affected by Jira issues.
  • SQL+JQL Driver upgraded to the 7.1.2 version


  • Major feature: New reporting capabilities via the SQL+JQL Driver
  • Improved indexing algorithm -> ALL the repositories are now indexed during the same scheduled event. It should index faster large amounts of repositories. In the previous version, a maximum of three repositories were indexed in each round.
  • Bug fix in Data Center: Potential incoherence in repositories status (active/inactive) on Data Center instances depending on the node accessed when some indexing error happens.
  • Enhancement: Plugin termination is now even more graceful with improved thread management.


  • Fix: Changes in the Atlassian's Jira internal API for 7.11.0 causes massive NullPointerException errors.


  • Fix: 7.3.2 did not fix the problem as expected. This does the job.


  • Fix: NullPointerExceptiono browsing in Subversion repositories. Subversion ALM requires that the provided Subversion Repository URL points to the root, therefore all the provided URLs are converted to the root URL automatically. However, this validation is bypassed when the repositories are imported from the Atlassian Jira Subversion plugin. The sub-directory is also saved causing NullPointerException when the user tries to search in Subversion by using the built-in Polarion web client. This fix converts any imported sub-directory URL into the root URL. If the provided user to index the repository is not granted to read the full repository (the root at least), the repository will not be imported raising a 403 (Unauthorized) error. 


  • FIX: this version resolves a bug introduced in the previous version: an error message is displayed instead of the commits.

IMPORTANT: If after upgrading the links to Polarion Subversion web client have gone, then re-start the Subversion ALM plugin to restore them.


  • Support for external Subversion web clients (AKA Web Links):

  • Fix: import from Atlassian Jira Subversion plugin did not work
  • Fix: Intermittent Null pointer exception accessing to the built-in Polarion web client


  • Support for View Development Tools permission

  • Support for MS SQL Server 2008 (without pagination): Earlier versions did not display commits on the issue tab because the lack of support for OFFSET and LIMIT clauses in MS SQL Server 2008

  • Fix: Revision graphs incomplete or blank under some circumstances
  • Fix: Missing index on KEY column (SVN_APP_CONF table)


  • Improv: Lazy initialization support. The app might take very long time to be fully initialized that might delay Jira initialization several minutes.  Now, it is initialized after Jira is up.


  • Fix:  Error cannot insert NULL into ("AO_2B6364_SVN_ITEM"."NAME").  Under some circumstances the root item ("/") might raise an exception and the repository cannot continue being indexing.


  • Fix: SSL certificates with no password raising Credential Data Unavailable exception for SVN+SSH connections.


  • Fix: broken configuration page



  • The VIEW_VERSION_CONTROL permission is no longer required until a definitive solution be found.


  • Fix: revision graphs with branches from the repository root to elsewhere were not displayed properly. Even TortoiseSVN does not paint such graphs.



  • FIX: Missing scrollbar displaying file contents


  • Data Center support
  • Subversion data are cached in the same database than JIRA (instead of an external H2 database instance) by using Active Objects
  • Support for importing Subversion repositories configuration from older versions 6.x.
  • Commercial or trial license is required
  • Some bug fixes


  • IMPROV: Importer for the repositories registered by the Atlassian's JIRA Subversion plugin
  • IMPROV: Documentation is online instead of embedded PDF
  • FIX: The plugin is not properly re-initialized under some circumstances
  • FIX: misspelling corrections 
  • The project is closed source and supported