Data security and privacy statement

Data collected by the app

  • SQL+JQL Driver (the app), once installed, fetches the strict data from Jira Server (via Java API) to work as described in the app documentation. 
  • The configuration data are stored in the Jira database.
  • No other Jira data are stored anywhere (except perhaps in some temporary cache for internal use). In all the cases, such caches would be stored in the customer's organization storage devices (hard disks, etc).
  • None of those Jira data are shared with any third party organization, nor ourselves.
  • No personal data are collected.
  • No tracking data for customers' navigation analytics are collected (I.e: Google Analytics, etc).
  • It's the customer's sole responsibility to provide all the required mechanisms to keep the privacy and security of the data and access control to the app.
  • In case of some security threat be detected, we will immediately scale it to Atlassian and we will follow the protocol and recommendations provided by Atlassian in addition to the actions that we consider opportune. 

Data collected for supporting

  • Customers might want to share additional information with us in order to get support (use cases, bug fixes, etc). It is the customer's responsibility to sanitize all the information (URL, sensitive data in logs, screenshots, etc) before sharing it with us.
  • We might share all those information with Atlassian under our sole discretion if we consider that it might help to provide better support to the client. It shall not be shared with any other third party unless explicit written customer's authorization.
  • We support an option in our public Jira instance to keep all those information private, therefore only the reporter and us could read it. The customer must set this option (or check whether is already pre-selected) if they want to keep all their data private.


  • The customer accepts all the terms described in this policy by installing the app.

May 124th, 2019