Links Hierarchy

Links Hierarchy
Links Hierarchy

(for Data Center,  Cloud and Server editions)

Discover, trace, analyze, report, track, and roll-up progress dynamically for Core Linked Issues, Sub-tasks, Epics (Software), and Advanced roadmaps (formerly Portfolio) hierarchies


Links Hierarchy provides features not available from any other app at the Atlassian Marketplace and its vision to roll up progress is unique.

It is an easy-to-use app, very intuitive, and friendly app. However, it might require minimal training to be familiarized with its firedly user interface.

Watch this videos to understand the major features and get ready in a few minutes.


Links Hierarchy is an easy-to-use app with powerful features while it is able to run smoothly at scale on the largest Jira Data Centers without compromising Jira's performance nor reliability even on instances with millions of issues. In fact, our biggest customer runs it on an Unlimited User tier DC, the largest possible Jira environment.

Links Hierarchy helps organizations to embrace Atlassian's vision of Agile instead of replacing it with a vendor's proprietary solution. Links Hierarchy does not store any proprietary data, therefore your Jira instance will not be tied to a specific vendor. You are free to use Links Hierarchy together with any other app compatible with the standards of Jira.

Links Hierarchy brings a lot of peace of mind to the Jira administrators as it does not require any configuration. It requires 1-click only to be installed on Jira fully working out-of-the-box and giving value from the first instant to every user. 

Links Hierarchy is agnostic in regard to the methodology so it can be used in a wide range of scenarios and by a lot of different user skills. It supports Agile structures (Epics, Portfolio, Sprints,..) of issues related to regular Jira links  (.ie: "is blocked by") but also it can be used to track progress and dependencies of single issues and complex JQL queries

It provides a full unified context with the key information available at a glance while the users are effortlessly involved and the collaboration is improved in a natural way with a friendly UI and outstanding graphics.

Some Links Hierarchy features are unique in the Marketplace. I.e: while the progress of Epics and issues is immutable in the rest of the apps at a given instant, the progress becomes dynamic in Links Hierarchy: the users can apply filters on the issues contributing to the progress on every hierarchy and get a customized view tailored to their needs.

Hierarchies and JQLs can also be loaded onto a Pivot Table for further analytics and reporting providing traceability at scale.

Excel integration is superb and it allows exporting data by preserving the view layout (hierarchy, pivot table, matrix).

The picture below shows a briefing of a basic workflow with Links Hierarchy:

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