Data Security & Privacy policy

Collected data

  • Links Hierarchy (the app), once installed, only fetches the strictly necessary data from Jira as described in the app documentation. 
  • In Cloud, all the data traffic occurs between the Jira instance and the app only. In Data Center the data is internally fetched via the Java API only.
  • None of those Jira data are shared with any third party organization, nor with us either.
  • No personal data are collected.
  • No tracking data for customers' navigation analytics are collected (i.e. Google Analytics).
  • The app logs are written in the Jira logs exclusively for Data Center. The Cloud version does not log any data.
  • Some configuration data are written in the user's browser local storage and others in Jira (i.e, gadgets). 
  • It's the customer's sole responsibility to provide all the required mechanisms to keep the privacy and security of the data and access to the app.


  • The app is subscribed to the Atlassian's Bug Bounty program for regular security threats checking.
  • If a security thread is detected we will follow the protocol and recommendations provided by Atlassian in addition to the actions that we consider opportune. 

Support data

  • Customers might want to share additional information with us in order to get support (use cases, bug fixes, etc,). It is the customer's responsibility to sanitize all the information (URL, sensitive data in logs, screenshots, etc) before sharing it with us.
  • All those information is saved in an Jira Cloud instance provided by Atlassian and only our employees can read them.
  • We might share all those information with Atlassian under our sole discretion if we consider that it might help to provide better support to the client. It shall not be shared with any other third-party unless explicit written customer's authorization.


  • The customer accepts all the terms described in this policy by installing the app.

Feb, 23th 2023