Custom Fields


From the 7.16.0 version custom, the fields are provided right within the Driver instead of an optional app available on the Marketplace.

They are very similar but not compatible as the plugin key changed and Jira is unable to find and relate the older custom fields. You have to migrate the old custom fields to their counterparts created them by hand and configured in an equivalent way (the SQL+JQL can be copied & pasted for reusing). As the SQL queries are 100% compatible, you can copy&paste all of them with no change instead fo writing them from the scratch and reuse most of your work.

Three new custom field types are supported:

  • Value: shows the first column of the first record returned.
  • Table: shows multiple values result from a query as a table. The table column names are taken from the result set column names.
  • Progress bar: shows a result value of a query as a progress bar.


and three variables

  • ${id}
  • ${key}
  • ${project}

are supported for substitution in the queries in realtime:

They are case sensitive and replaced by their respective issue's values at runtime.


select * from issues i where i.key = '${key}'

select * from issues i where = ${id}

${key} and ${project} variables replaced by a string (varchar) values (i.e: ISSUE-1234), therefore it must be enclosed within single quotes

${id} is replaced by a long (numeric) value (i.e: 10000), therefore it must not be enclosed within single quotes