Built-in SQL console

The app provides its own built-in Console to explore the database model as well as write, execute, and save SQL+JQL queries right within Jira.

In the 9.6.0 version, the location to open the console was moved from the Export Menu to the Top page menu.

Issue Navigator view > SQL+JQL action in the top menu

This action is visible only when the user is granted to access the console.

Exporting from Jira is limited to 1000 issues by default in Jira. In such case, you get an error message like this:

Workaround: Remove the current JQL before exporting to the SQL+JQL console. This will make most examples stop to work as no default JQL will be available. You can set the default JQL by adding it as a parameter to the URL console (see below).

The SQL console can also be opened from your browser by using the following link:


Optionally, a JQL can be provided as URL parameter:

${JIRA_BASE_URL}/secure/JDBC4JQLDBConsole!default.jspa?jql=<your JQL here>

As SQL for JIRA re-uses the JIRA HTTP session you have to login in JIRA from your browser prior to access to the SQL console.