Using Zephyr for testing?

SQL+JQL Driver supports Zephyr for reporting your cycles, executions, test, steps, defects, etc. and relate them with Git and Subversion commits and the rest of the Jira Core, Software and Service Desk entities like projects, versions, components, epics, sprints, etc ! to make end-to-end ALM reports.

The new Zephyr schema t is a very straightforward representation of the Zephyr’s Active Objects relational data model:



As many tables of the SQL+JQL schema for Zephyr are mainly straightforward virtualization of the underlying table in the Jira database, the Zephyr permissions are ignored on those tables.

You have to check manually in your queries by those permissions when the query is written.

Please read the https://kintosoft.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SFJ/pages/1343694 documentation to learn how to check if the user belongs to a group and the user’s permissions (global, project, and issue levels).

Checking permissions and groups are easy in SQL+JQL and we provide some guidance in the https://kintosoft.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SFJ/pages/873332755 section.

Ignoring Zephyr permissions allows making Zephyr reports for the rest of the organization without requiring extra Jira configuration. But the responsibility of avoiding data leaks remains now on the trusted user writing the query.

Download ZEPHYR Database Schema

Please download and open the SVG file zipped to see all the new tables, columns and their relationships:

Next step: > https://kintosoft.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SFJ/pages/873332755