Tables & Schemes

The SQL+JQL Driver's database schema is a straightforward representation of Atlassian's public Java APIs and the app provides a comprehensive and business-oriented data model.

It is simpler compared with the JIRA native database model, therefore SQL+JQL queries are much easier to write than Jira native SQL.

The database tables are grouped into the following schemes:

  • PUBLIC (default): They represent all the JIRA Busines/Core entities visible from the JIRA web application (projects, issues, etc.). Despite the name of the schema is "PUBLIC" it requires JIRA authentication to access to any data.
  • SOFTWARE: (Optional) for the JIRA Software Java API. It is the new more powerful and faster old AGILE schema as it is built on top of the Atlassian's Java API instead of REST.
  • SERVICEDESK: (Optional) for the JIRA ServiceDesk Java API.
  • BBBGIT: It supports BigBrassBand's Git integration for Jira
  • ZEPHYR: it supports SmartBear's Zephyr for Jira
  • ADMIN: JIRA Administration tables are grouped under this schema. Only JIRA administrators can view data on them. Initially was created to allow administrators to read all the JIRA configuration via SQL, but actually, it provides almost no functionality. 
  • AUX: it provides some helpful tables to make reporting even easier. 
  • /wiki/spaces/SFJ/pages/53413251: Deprecated tables are moved into this schema before to be dropped in future versions to allow a smooth transition to use the newer tables with a minimal impact in your current SQL for JIRA queries. You have to add the "DEPRECATED." schema prefix to your current SQL queries in order to still working, but it is strongly recommended that you replace them by the newer tables (which might impact your queries a lot).