Gadgets (for Jira Dashboards and Confluence pages)


It s possible to create some basic data visualizations for any SQL+JQL query.

You can find all the provided gadgets by searching for “SQL+JQL”

Sharing Dashboards is safe with SQL+JQL since all the data is always displayed according to the calling user’s permissions in Jira.


From the 7.12.2 version, the Pivot and Flat tables support users' saved queries for backward compatibility. The saved query id is not displayed on the User’s Saved Queries listing for re-using in gadgets:



And from the 7.14.4 version queries with paramters are also supported:


Parameters must be provided by starting with the param prefix followed by a sequential integer starting by 1 and separated by the ampersand & symbol like URL parameters:


param1= … & param2 = … & param3 = …



Available gadgets